I often hear the word “faith” thrown around in religious contexts. But faith is not in a deity. The deepest experience of a certain explicit trust that only be described as true faith has always been found in family and close friends. Those intense relationships with fallible people — that is true faith.

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The Nature of Busy ( and Alternatively the Nature of Leisure)

To be busy, it seems, is both a good and bad thing in life. If a person is busy it means they are doing things, and doing seems largely importing to this “living” business everyone is caught up in; however, being busy implies one has no time to relax and, judging by how popular the idea of taking a vacation is, relaxing is also good. So which is it? is busyness good or bad?

Probably, as with most things in life, the goodness of being busy does not conform to a simple binary construct but instead is annoyingly complicated, filled with moral, ethical, and scientific grey areas. Good rule of thumb, though, is to find a kind of busy that feels like leisure. In other words, do work that restores the spirit rather than tapping it.   

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The State of The Blog

Since the blog has just returned from a hiatus, I figure now is a good time to do some evaluations.

I’m wondering in which direction this blog should go. I’m tiring of the current format and material for it is running low for it as well.

Also, I am exploring adding regular video content to this blog as my life seems to be heading in a more video-oriented direction. Perhaps, a weekly vlog will make a nice addition to this space. 

I suppose I’ll sleep on it and make a decision in the morning.

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It’s Okay

As creatures of failure and feelings, the world gets dark sometimes. We as humans can create the most awful of circumstances for ourselves and each other. This is no symptom of evil, though — no indicator of a deeper inner-darkness. No, these horrors we create are merely human errors whether or not those that commit them acknowledge it, and, as with any errors, they will be corrected in the end. 

The trick in these times of terrifying human error is to keep going with the knowledge that it’ll be okay. No matter have bad it is. It’ll be okay.

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And We’re Back!

Hello everyone. My apologies for the near month-long interruption in posts. The chaos in my world reached a level at which I needed a temporary break from blogging but now I am back. 

While I was gone I have been thinking of ways to make this blog better and both easier to write and read, and — though I have no announcements at this time — I think some new cool stuff is on the way in the future of Hey, I’m Jake.

Most of the need for more efficiency is because my schedule has started to become pretty full. I’m working my current job, doing freelance work, and am now in the early stages of acquiring a new job (more details to come when things get finalized) which will severely limit my writing time. Perhaps, though, some creative limits are just what this blog needs. When we are heavily constrained is generally when we are most creative.

At any rate, my blog has returned to it’s daily posting. I look forward to it. See you tomorrow.

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Thursday Tunes: Grant Lee Buffalo

It’s Thursday again! That means it’s time for another artist recommendation!

Grant Lee Buffalo is one of many post-grudge bands of the late 90s. The trio’s music has a tendency to be a little more folk-based than other bands in the same musical era like Pearl Jam. Sounding at times like a the love-child of Nirvana and Bob Dylan, Grant Lee Buffalo has some great songs that are definitely worth a listen.

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Is it everyone’s ambition to be great? Do we all wish to be recorded in the annals of history, or is mere simplicity the goal of most of us?

I do not think that most of us lust for the classical idea of greatness despite that being that portrayal of the average person in the media. Mostly our dreams are simple, we long for peace, quiet, and free time, not fame and fortune.

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We Need A New Style

First off, my apologies for the late post. I have been at a bachelor party all evening. Second, I’d like to introduce a pressing need in the artistic community. True stylistic innovation throughout the creative endeavors has stagnated a bit lately — so much so that our “new” styles are recycled old styles.

We’re smart, capable, creative people and the future is ours and ours alone. Surely we have the ability to create truly fresh ideas when we make art instead of lazily proclaiming that there are no new things left to create. Originality is the same as it always has been — an illusive and confusing creature — but a living one.

Let’s make something new.

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The Grey: A Decent Survival/Thriller Flick

Monday has come again and I have another movie to write about. The Grey, starring Liam Neesen, largely revolves around  Neesen’s character fighting wolves. It’s about as awesome as it sounds (if you’re into that sort of thing). This film (at least on Neesen’s part) is considerably better acted than your traditional thriller movies and is definitely worth watching (it is currently available instantly on Netflix) if you are the sort of person who enjoys a good heart-pounding thriller film. 

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Killing The Auto-Pilot

Many of us spend most of our days simply moving from activity to activity as quickly as possible. We lock ourselves into a routine and mentally ignore the usual everyday things as they happen to us each day. In this process the days merge together creating a seemingly endless cycle of waking and sleeping with some banalities in between.

This way of living is very efficient. With it a great deal can be accomplished without really much mental effort by those involved. However by ignoring the usual we give some of our agency. If we force ourselves to really be aware during the day — to switch off auto-pilot — we give ourselves the option to enjoy our world rather than neutrally plod through it.

Presence of mind is a recurring struggle for me. Part of me loves the cocoon of going through life mentally switched off but another, more real, part craves feeling and it is that part to which I wish to listen.

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