I believe as a species with a certain level of intellect we live our lives in a quest to answer questions and the answers we seek largely affect what our lives become. Because of the definitive nature of the answers for which we search, I feel we must consciously recognize which questions we naturally gravitate to.

As this is a new revelation for me, I have yet to determine all of the answers I seek but a couple go something like this: What is real, and where do I fit within reality?

This basic compound question has largely driving life and influenced my artistic work. The nature of reality and the existence of rules has always fascinated me. Maybe with question firmly rested upon my mind, I better answer it and perhaps live a more productive life.

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About jlkauffman

J. L. Kauffman is currently a freelance writer and photographer living in Windsor, CO. As a child Jake was home schooled, went to a Waldorf elementary school, and unschooled during high school. He has been published in Life Learning Magazine and he also once made a film in which a man measured the amount of time it took for him to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. . . the man that is, not Jake. Jake also finds it extremely awkward to write about himself in the third person.
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  1. debkauffman says:

    Born lawyer. Just sayin’.

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